The Magick begins


Hey guys! 

Sorry, but we have been having reports of 'misusing' the chat features! Please use them appropriatly and don't offend! We do not care for racism, illegal buisness concerning our video chats, or any kind of bullying. Please use them for reasable times only! 

Also, we've been getting reports that the video chat is slow. This happens because it is hard for such a small chat box to produce an image that needs more pixels to create, so it has to 'shrink' down the pixels and make the image less clear. The sound quality is not the best and never will be the best. Appologies for the inconvinience. 

Also! Don't forget to sign up, it's free! Please if you are going to use the features that this webstie has to provide more than once, sign up! It's totally free, as long as you have an email! Features included are: chat features, such as email and blog, and you'll be able to make requests for things and post on other people's profiles. Have fun! Any questions, and you can just ask the website owner or the admins. Thank you!